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Bag in Box(BIB)


Bag in box(BIB) with its sterile, non-toxic, good low temperature resistance performance, and good chemical stability and electrical insulation performance, which has been widely used in a sterile solid apis, sterile pharmaceutical raw materials, sterile products and other products of transport and temporary, and sterile stopper from cleaning process of filling line to transfer packaging.

Aseptic bag is a polyethylene granules as raw materials, clean environment by blown film, cutting, hot sealing, vacuum packing, sterilization process production out of a new high-tech packaging materials.

Aluminizing or transparent sterilized bag is one of the principal way of liquid packing. With Huge market demand and wide application  prospect, it also has advantages such as high  sealing strength, good air-tightness, folding and pressure  resistance and outstanding function of preservation, which

 is irreplaceable advanced packaging products. So the food

 can be stored for 2 years in normal temperature , and keep good color and favor without any preservative.

1. Reduce package cost and transportation cost 
2. Cut off oxygen
3. Quality guarantee period is up to 2 years before open.
4. Extend quality guarantee period to 6 to 9 weeks after open
5. Its weight is 38% less than other types of packaging
6. Its filling rate is up to 98%. (much higher than 40% of glass package)
7. Outer carton is available for advertisement.
8. Make the product sales increase exponentially, promote quickly consumer spending the dosage.

used in food grade oil, feed grade oil, chemical oil, industry oil packaging, such as Olive Oil, peanut Oil, Corn Oil, soybean oil, palm oil, fish oil, cooking oil,Lubricant Oil ect.


It has high resistance materialnd design protection to reduce ultra violet light makes the oil maintain fresh. Compared with hard plastic containers, it is easier to use, store and handle. For manufacturers, risk can be furtherly reduced through reduction of transportation & warehousing.

The milk shake/Water bags are widely used especially for the liquid packaging. The sterilized food will be filled into the bags under an aseptic working environment. The Inner layer are different according to the application of content. 


The milk shake bags are normally  used in low temperature serving environment like in food chain stores, etc

The water bags are normally in Ambient condition. 


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