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Cat Deodorant House


This is actually our team's second product, we own the patent in China. 


It all comes from our first product -- a cat litter that you may have seen somewhere -- automatic cat litter. But deeply think, it doesn't solve the problem permanently. Because the ultimate problem is the smell of cat feces.


This creative corrugated paperboard cat deodorant house offers a most clean and fresh air room as you can ever wish through a 24hour air circulation system.  

No Smell Cat House
Cat House Assembling
Cat House Introduction
Corrugated Paperboard Cat House

The appearance of this house is customized and welcome your feedback!


In fact, we're your honest partner in any creative products with opening mould. We have a team to draw 3D artwork, and we have 3pcs of 3D printing machines. Once the idea is created, the prototype can be done within 72hours. Please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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