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Dairy Packaging

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Margarine/Butter/Ice cream/Yoghourt Tub


IML - In Mould Labelling System is now the most popular packaging for Margarine, butter, and other dairy products like Yoghourt, icecream, etc


Material: PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PMMA 

Face: MaterialSynthtic Film

Thickness: 18-110 um

Printing Mothod: Flexographic / Gravure / Digital/Offset

Colors: UP to 10 colors supported, CMYK + 6 Spot Colors

Applications: Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, Personal Care, Chemical, Automobile

Advantages of IML


1.Enhance the product's security features, better meet the high standards of corporate brand protection needs.

2.Improve the product, label colors more vivid, smooth feel

3.Simplify the production process, greatly improving production efficiency

4.Product practical, low loss, not Alice marked, damaged, and with water, oil, acid, abrasion, throw, labels and products can be recycled at the same time, protect the environment

5.Overall costs significantly lower than traditional labels and direct printing

Cheese/Butter Packaging Bag


Freezer Pouch and films


Application:Food such as meat,sausage,seafood,fruit,vegetables,cheese 

Structure:Co-extruded 5 layer and 7 layer.

width can be:20cm-150cm

thickness can be:50microns-300microns


Type of Sealing: Bottom sealed ,3 side sealed and sealed with a drain tap       Feature:

1.Low Oxygen Transmission Rate

2.Low Water Vapour Transmission Rate

3.Fine Gloss

4.Can be contacted directly with food

5.Environmentally Friendly

6.Suitable for deep freezing down to -40°C .              

7. Suitable for pasteurization up to 100°C.

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