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Green Energy Factory

Recently we're requested by customers if we're using solor power or green energy in our factory. Proudly to speak, YES WE DO!

Here is a photo showing how it works.

First of all, the wasted/polluted air will go into the pipe and then finally to the big stove, then from there it will be heated up to 700degrees, no hazardous substance will be left and the clean air will go into atmosphere.

Meanwhile the pipe inside the stove is filled with clean water, and after heated it's high temperature and will go back to the factory plant for usage, like curing room or other usage, the whole procedure is meant to be environmental and recyclable.

The target to build this equipment is as below:

1) capture rate of polluted air is about 95%

2) clean rate is about 95%

3) polluted air reduce number is about 15 to 16tons/year

4) VOCs reduction is about 14.51tons/year

We're pioneer in the printing and packaging industry who's already using these facilities. So far no data has been collected yet due to this. After a year there will be data to analyze.

Protect mother Earth, we're all responsible!

Here is a screen shot of how it works.

Video shows the control flow

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