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What does packaging mean to you?

In China we say, when you're in one industry, you love this industry. (干一行爱一行)

Packaging is definitely one of those industries that's with so many working procedures and so much knowledge involved, easy to get in, difficult to get expertise.

In China we have special schools which students need to learn three years of printing and packaging knowledge and the last year they will spend most of their time in printing factories and only back to school for essay at the end.

When others going into supermarkets they see fabulous foods, cosmetics…however packaging ppl see fabulous packaging and Caculating in mind how much it would cost and which factory is able to do this.

Among the years U&ME Pack ever since start its business, facing challenge no wonder, keeping learning no wonder, developing with no doubt.

Not only plastic, we're also heavily involved in paper packaging recently by helping customers to re-design their boxes to make it easier to handle, more cost effective.

One of the most important thing is that we provide inspection at every step of producing and take photos and videos to make sure customers are informed in time.

Big customers or small, we always think for and think in advance, keep best communication with clients at all time.

We are also one of the very less companies in China that support low MOQ sample orders like 3000 customized plastic bags or 100boxes. With the service you can get no where.

If you're interested, why not contact me by start sending a HELLO message? Note we're always here for you.

By G.M.


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